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Evening of the Stars - A Musical Benefit Concert, 4/1/17

Evening of the Stars - A Musical Benefit Concert, 4/1/17

Update: Good tickets are still available! Call today!

Tom Maguire was an outstanding Math Teacher at Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons for over 42 years. He was also a person who loved the musical theater, and he brought his great love for the theater to ND-BG by directing and choreographing musicals from the mid-seventies until his last year, 2008. No one found more joy in seeing students bring a show to life on the Gibbons stage than Tom did. 

It is to honor and celebrate his work with musicals over the years that Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons is hosting a benefit, "An Evening of the Stars," on Saturday, April 1st, 2017. With Mike Purcell providing the accompaniment, many of the stars of past musicals will return to the stage to sing their favorite songs. ND-BG musical directors Melanie Anchukaitis and Linda Neidl will organize and arrange the musical presentation. The entire evening will be one in which Tom's theatrical life will be recalled - through song, pictures, and stories. The night will also feature a silent auction. Local restaurants will provide the food. 

All money raised for the "Evening of the Stars" will be dedicated to the performing arts at Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons. Included among the priorities are a new sound system for the stage, a refurbishing and updating of the stage and theater, Art, and Music education, including both in-house and through travel. 

Dr. Paul J. O'Brien

Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons Faculty Member, Retired

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