Transportation for the 2014-2015 School Year!

As a parochial school we have students that come from different districts to attend ND-BG.  Certain school districts will provide transportation for our students but you must fill out your home district’s transportation request form.  ALL FORMS MUST BE RECEIVED BY YOUR STUDENT'S HOME DISTRICT BY APRIL 1ST, 2014!  As we receive the forms we will e-mail them to families. Paper copies will also be available at the main office or on your home districts website. Any questions please call the school at 393-3131x100

If you have questions about whether transportaton will be provided on a specific day please contact your district at the phone number or refer to the calendar listed at the bottom of this page.

New York State provides bus transportation for students living within a 15-mile radius of a private school. Parents/guardians need to contact their home school districts to secure bus transportation by filling out the necessary forms by April 1st of the preceding year.

In riding the district buses and the public buses students are expected to conform to the same behavior that is expected here at school. Students board and exit the bus in an orderly manner. They remain seated and are always cooperative with the driver. Students arriving late to school on a bus are to report directly to the main office.

With the start of the new school year, please allow 1-2 weeks for the buses to become familiar with their routes. Carefully check your information for place and time. If a problem persists, either contact the main office at 393-3131 x100 or your bus district.

Please remember that districts cannot transport students from another district (i.e., Schenectady students cannot ride the Niskayuna buses.) This is the policy of the school districts. If a student is visiting a student from another district, the parent/guardian must provide transportation.

Late buses

The only districts to provide late buses are Schenectady, Guilderland, and South Colonie. Students must sign up in the Main Office each day by 10:30 AM in order to secure a late bus. The three districts will not take calls for a late bus after that time. Students must already be registered with the transportation department in order to ride the late bus. Also, students must know their drop off point (i.e., Brandywine and Union.)

The Schenectady late bus picks up at 4:20 PM.
The Guilderland late bus picks up at 5:00 pm.
The South Colonie late bus picks up at 4:45 PM.
These times are approximate.

In the event of bad weather, late buses will be cancelled. An announcement will be made as soon as the districts notify the main office. Students will be given time to contact parent/guardians in order to make other arrangements.

On the few days that the public school districts will be closed while we are in session, there will be no late buses.

Days with no bus transportation

Some districts will not transport students when they are closed and we are still open. It is up to parents/guardians to transport your student when this occurs. The district will provide notification or you may contact the main office for verification.

If your student cannot make it into school because of lack of transportation, a written note from the parent/guardian will be needed on the next school day as per New York State Law.

Please remember that we follow the policy of each district concerning transportation.

Students driving to school

It is a privilege for a student to park on school property. Any student who is legally licensed and has the permisson of his/her parents may drive to school.

All students must register their vehicles with the school in order to park in the school lot. A parking sticker will be issued to each student registered to park. It must be placed on the driver's side back rear passenger window. Cars/vehicles are to be kept locked.

Students are not allowed to go to cars at any time during the day except with the permission of an administrator who will watch him/her.

All cars must be parked within designated parking spots - that is, between the yellow lines and not at an angle. The school reserves the right to engage in searches of cars with students present.

Extreme caution must be exercised on entering or leaving the parking lot. The school can revoke a student's right to park on school grounds at any time because of reckless behavior. Students are discouraged from driving to school in inclement weather or when roads are icy.

Students who drive must observe state laws concerning the passing of school buses. Even in the parking lot, students may not pass a bus loading or dropping off students.


Due to a safety factor, no students should be picked up or dropped off in front of the school.

Periodically the buses will be delayed due to the weather, accidents, mechanical failure, or substitute drivers. Students will not be penalized when this occurs. If the situation occurs too often, please contact the main office at 393-3131 extension 100, or the transportation department for your district at the numbers below.

Transportation Department Phone Numbers

If you have any questions regarding forms, pick-up or drop-off times, etc., please contact the transportation departments directly.

Schalmont = 355-9200 (1)
Schenectady = 370-8103
Scotia-Glenville = 382-1291
Shendehowa = 881-0240 (4)
South Colonie = 869-8527
Duanesburg = 895-2511
Brown = 393-6634
Guilderland = 861-6434
Niskayuna = 370-0160
Mohonasen = 356-8260
Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake = 399-4576
Galway = 882-1077
North Colonie = 785-9486