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January Regents & Midterm Schedule: 1/22 - 1/26


Good Afternoon,

Please look over the specific mid-term exam schedule for the week of 1/22.  As a reminder we are running a 1/2 schedule with dismissal at 11am.  Those students who either are taking an afternoon Regents exam or have to take an afternoon mid-term (due to a morning regents exam) need to make sure they have transportation home.  All districts have been notified of the 11:15 departure. Students will be permitted to dress down provided it adheres to school policy regarding dress downs. 



  • High School is taking Social Studies
  • Middle School will have periods 1, 2, 3, and 4  (C Day)


  • High School is taking Spanish
  • Middle School will have periods 6, 7, 8, and 9 (A Day)


  • High School is taking Math
  • Middle School 8:15-9:30 is Math and 9:45-11 is ELA


  • High School is taking ELA
  • Middle School 8:15-9:30 is Spanish and 9:45-11 is Religion


  • High School is taking Science
  • Middle school will have period 1 (8:12-8:50) and period 2 (8:53-9:30), then report to testing rooms for Science 9:45-11.


Teachers will be notifying students of where their exams will be and Guidance will notify students who are taking regents where they will be taking their exams.



Pat Moran

Interim Principal

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