Alumni Memories


 Notre Dame - Bishop Gibbons is an institution rooted in history. For over 50 years, students have walked our halls, sat in our classrooms, played on our fields, and eventually, called themselves proud alumni. We want to pay tribute to the decades and the moments that make ND-BG what it is today. As our alumni, there is no better witness and testimony to the ND-BG legacy than you.


We are looking to fill this page with your memories and stories. Do you remember "The Pit" in the ND-BG library? For years there were Senior Pranks where it was filled with everything from ping pong balls to even gold fish. Help us fill this page with memories of your time here at Bishop Gibbons, Notre Dame, or Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons! If you have something you would like to share with us and the world, email

“During my years of attending Notre Dame from 1960-1964, I really had some fun. There was the time I received a double detention in one day or the time Mother Superior did not permit me to wear the uniform shoes that didn’t fit my feet. Being an all-girls school, we had to serve on the altar during the Masses. I once got picked as we were filing into the gym for Mass by a sister. The nuns never asked us what we wanted to do, they strongly suggested it!”

- Ms. Pamela Murphy, Notre Dame Class of 1964